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Advance Excel Courses in Lucknow
Advance Excel VBA Training in Lucknow

If you are already familiar with the basics of Microsoft Excel and want to work with advanced Excel or you want a solution on the day to day practical issues like create custom code, protection and hiding techniques, calculate working days with custom weekends, How to use reverse lookups, how to optimize my excel sheet, how to filter data based on formula, how to use formula in pivot, what are magical arrays functions, how to build dashboard and much more.

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Special Offer : Advanced Excel VBA + SQL Server Duration 3 Months - Online sessions conducted by Corporate Trainer & Author Hirdesh Bhardwaj Wikipedia

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Module :Advance Excel, VBA Macros & SQL Server Duration: 120 Hrs (60 mins online session)   Timings: Regular & Weekends Both available
Batch Size: Small batch size - upto 8 participants   Free Training certificate & Placement assistance

You will start with the scratch, building a solid foundation that will give you further knowledge as you progress into intermediate and advanced level topics of Excel, VBA. & SQL To get training on advance excel, VBA macros and SQL server for Lucknow city, Call us +91-8802000175

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Advance Excel, VBA & SQLTraining Overview
  • Overview of excel basics, worksheet optimization and data cleaning in excel
  • How to make your report effectiveness (Data visualization) using Custom and Conditional formatting
  • Excel Aggregate functions (Sum, 3-D functions, average, count, countifs, sumifs etc)
  • 15+ Date and Function functions ( EOMonth, DateDiff, NetworkDays, Workdays Weeknum, etc)
  • Summarize data using Pivot table and charts
  • Data cleaning and validations in Excel
  • Advanced Filters
  • Lookups - VLookup, Reverse Lookup, Index Match, Indirect dependency list
  • Logical Functions (Super logical Ifs, and or nested functions, how to combine functions)
  • 15+ Text Functions - How to combine find, len, trim, left, right and mid functions
  • What if Analysis (Goal Seek, Data Table, EMI Calculation functions)
  • Excel Dashboard Designing
  • Arrays Functions (CSE Functions in Excel)
  • Data Validations tools
  • Data forecasting tools
  • VBA Macros (How to record macros, UDF, Variable, control flow etc)
  • VBA Filters & Reporting
  • VBA How to automate mail functions in VBA
  • VBA Events
  • VBA How to create mergers, filters reports
  • SQL Select, order by having clause
  • SQL indexes
  • SQL Different types of Joins
  • SQL Aggregate functions and Reporting
  • SQL Date/ Strin functions
  • SQL Pivot & Filters Queries
  • PL-SQL/TSQL Triggers & Procedures
  • PL-SQL/TSQL Variables, functions, ifs & loops
  • PL-SQL Transactions
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About Trainer

Hirdesh Bhardwaj, a well-known author as well as Founder of Webs Jyoti Training and development organization in Gurgaon, India. He conducts online, corporate and classroom training on Excel VBA in corporates covering basic to advanced MS Excel VBA including pivot tables, lookup functions, INDEX, MATCH, pivot charts, Goal seeking, logical functions, dashboard designing and various SQL features available in data analytics.

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He has more than 13 years of experience with the well-reputed MNCs where he spends more than 8 hours in a day working with Excel sheet, VBA editor and always tries to explore new challenges in excel to make it absolute for corporate use.


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