C Programing

The growing popularity of this language, involves many creation of compilers, operating systems, games and editors. Moreover, it is the general-purpose language with ability to draw the expressions, data flow, and data structures. It is true! The language is important to every branch of students whether it may be engineering, master's degree or any other course. Apart from the colleges, there are many training institutes, which offer this course. Webs Jyoti is one among those. Over many years, Webs Jyoti is providing the platform of every class of students to master the C language.

C++ Programing

C++ is a general purpose Object Oriented programming language. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to OOPs Concepts and their implementation in C++ as well as to provide them real time usage of C++ with the help of assignments and project.
Prerequisite:- Knowledge of C is required for this course.

Data Structure :

C is most frequently learned and used, general purpose programming language. It supports development of system software as well as application softwares. The purpose of this course is to train students in C and Data Structures.


Training Specification

Course Details

Programing in C - Download    Programing in C++ - Download    Data Structure & Algorithms - Download

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