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Webs Jyoti, established in 2009, is a Training and development organization based in Gurgaon. We provide corporate training as well as classroom training for the professional. We work with the businesses and individuals who need MIS, Excel Macro training at Flexible timings & affordable pricing.We have successfully trained 500+ Classrooms and 30+ Corporate Training Successfully. We run weekdays as well as weekend classes at our training institute. We have trainers from working as corporate trainer who train you basic to advanced Excel macros on real data and scenario.     For Training related enquiry Call us : +91-8802000175

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A big thanks to Mr. Hirdesh for the real time training and his book written on VBA Macros. Rating: 4 Stars


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    At our Training Institute, We have developed several tools which help you to automate your excel MIS report. Some major tools i.e. merge multiple excel files to a single Excel file. Merge multiple CSV Files and Excel Password Remover tool . Download VBA Tools

    • Using Analysis Tools: Goal Seek, Solver, and Data Tables

      We will explore how to analyze your data with excel, how to use goal seek, how to use solver, how to create Amortization Tables to Calculate Mortgage Payment and how to use the Analysis ToolPak Add-In.

    • Create a Pivot Table in Excel

      Pivot Tables are considered by most advanced Excel users to be the most powerful feature in Excel. Pivot Tables allow you to tabulate and report on data in your spreadsheets in ways that would take hours to achieve without using a Pivot Table.

    • Whats new in Excel 2013 / 2016 and Excel 365

      At our training centre, We provide training on latest excel 2016 includes New Charts - Tree map, Waterfall, Sunbrust and Combo Charts, Slicer Tool for the Pivot table, Power view and Map, Various Sparklines i.e. Line, column and win /loss. We also explore 3-D Maps, Field,Items and Set and timelines in Pivot Table. We also trained you on Quick Tool and smart lookup available in 2016 and Office 365.

    • How to use Advanced filter, Array Functions in excel.

      When you use the Advanced Filter, you need to enter the criteria on the worksheet. Create a Criteria range (blue border below for illustration only) above your data set. Use the same column headers. Be sure there's at least one blank row between your Criteria range and data set.

    • Learn how to Create a Dashboard in Excel.

      Dashboard gives you unprecedented visibility into your MIS work. Using Doughnut, Gantt, Pie and Bar Charts, You can get a quick, visual status update on your projects or drill down into important details, all in one place. Dashboards can boost your organizations speed by allowing you and your team to see more, manage more, and communicate more.

    • How to use logical and lookup functions.

      Logical functions are used to assess the contents within cell locations and produce custom outputs or mathematical computations. We will look at two types of logical functions in this tutorial. The first is the IF function, which uses a logical test to evaluate the contents in a cell location. The OR and AND functions also use logical tests to evaluate the contents in a cell location and are often used within the IF function.

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